Why sprout?

These days, when the food is more and more processed and contains fewer and fewer nutrients, there is a simple, quick, cheap and enjoyable way to enjoy exactly the same beloved home recipes and at the same time to enrich their nutritional values dozens and even hundreds percentages more. A simple do-it-yourself project, which demands nothing but basic home dishes, will improve significantly the nutritional values of beloved home recipes. “Emma Learns to Sprout” is a colorful and enjoyable yet educational book, which teaches children about sprouting and its importance in a fun and enlightening way.

Instead of blindly counting on the food companies, it’s recommended that parents take responsibility for their children’s nutritional intake. One of the simplest ways to make the same beloved recipes and at the same time to increase their nutritional value is the sprouting trick.

The nutritional values of a legume, a healthy and nutritional food in its raw form, increases even more when it’s been sprouted. Sprouting involves soaking the legumes for 8 to 12 hours, and then keeping them wet for another day or two by watering them twice a day (with tap water).

According to the USDA database, sprouted legumes contains dozens and hundreds more percentages of vitamins, minerals and proteins per calorie compared to its raw form. For instance, sprouted lentils contains almost 40% more calcium, almost 45% more iron, and more than 1,100% (!!!) more vitamin C per calorie than raw lentils.

“Emma Learns to Sprout” is intended for the young audience, and it encourages children to develop healthy eating habits in a fun, hands on and educational way.

Emma Learns to Sprout

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